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Sality Youth African Mango
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TRIAL INFORMATION: By clicking "Place My Order" I am ordering Sality Youth African Mango trial for $5.95. I agree to the Terms and Conditions . I understand I will be billed $99.01($93.06 + $5.95) after 14 days (10 day trial plus 4 days shipping) and will be enrolled in the monthly auto-ship program in which I will receive a new bottle of Sality Youth African Mango starting 30 days after my trial ends and every 30 days thereafter, and be billed the total monthly subscription charge of $99.01($93.06 + $5.95) upon shipment, until I cancel. I can cancel or request a refund by calling Customer Support Monday-Friday 24-7 EST at +1 877-492-3004, or by sending an email to [email protected] Sality Youth African Mango will be shipped via USPS within 2-3 business days of my order. All charges will appear as Sality Youth on my credit card billing statement.

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